About The Program

In a period of six months, participants will enhance their management skills, entrepreneurial mindset ánd leadership skills whilst working on a project that is contributing to the success of your company and, at the same time, generates a real difference for Africa.

The program takes place online,
approx. 20 hours per month.

There are 100 spots available in total

Deadline application: 1 March 2022


3 Dimensions

of the program

the basic skills to succeed

how to make a difference

who am I and how will I grow


Management Skills

basic skills to succeed

Skills we work on in 'snack bite learning': 

  • Time management and time development

  • Building a team

  • How to give feedback

  • Digital knowledge

  • Social media


Entrepreneurial Mindset

how to make a difference

Setting up your challenging project

  • How to turn an idea into a plan
    and make it work


  • How to get people on board 

  • How to influence your company

  • How to write a good business plan


Leadership Development

who am I and how will I grow

Becoming a vehicle for change

  • Self-awareness

  • How to lead from purpose

  • Personal coaching on specific growth areas.


Put Theory into Practice

  • ​Imagine your own project

You choose a project that will bring value to both your organization and some issue in society.

  • Develop and execute the project

During the program, the young leader will complete their project to realize the change needed and learn along the way.​

  • Implement learnings directly 

  • Based on SDG's


Incredible Network

  • Work and learn together with fellow participants from all over Africa

  • Country event during the program

  • Become part of the One Africa Alumni, lecturers and coaching network

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  • ​Individual coaching

The young leaders will get an experienced coach to reflect and challenge them on their unique personal and professional development. 


  • Group interventions

We will facilitate and promote learning with and from each other. There is tons of wisdom in the group of like-minded ambitious young professionals.

  • Specialists

We have a huge network and can connect them with relevant specialists during their learning and project work. 


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