About The Program

In a period of six months, participants will enhance their management skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills whilst working on a project that is contributing to the success of their company and, simultaneously, promote sustainable development in Africa.

The program takes place online and consist of approximately  25 hours per month.

There are 100 slots available. 

Start Date: 1 September 2022

Application Deadline: 1 August 2022


3 Dimensions
of the program

Skills to succeed as a manager

How to make a difference

Identify your leadership style and how to grow


Management Skills

Skills to succeed as a manager

Skills we work on: 

  • Building a team

  • How to enable, encourage & motivate the team

  • Decision-making

  • Effective Communication

  • How to give constructive feedback

  • Time Management & Time Development

  • How to delegate effectively

  • Digital knowledge & Social Media


Entrepreneurial Mindset

How to make a difference

Setting up your challenging project

  • How to identify the problem or opportunity

  • How to turn an idea into a business plan
    and make it work


  • How to build a network and get people on board 

  • How to influence your company

  • How to be resilient and make the project a success


Leadership Development

Identify your leadership style & how to grow

Becoming a vehicle for change

  • Self-awareness & Self-reflection

  • Purpose-driven Leadership

  • Personal coaching on specific growth areas.


Put Theory into Practice

  • ​Choose Your Own Project

Participants choose a project that will bring value to both their organization and society.

  • Develop & Execute Your Project

During the program, the participant will complete their project to realize the change needed and learn along the way and implement learnings directly.

  • The Project Is Based On Sustainable Development Goals

The chosen project should be linked to at least one of the 17 SDG's.


Incredible Network

  • Work and learn together with fellow participants from all over Africa

  • Build and maintain relationships that can translate into business opportunities

  • Networking event during the program

  • Become part of the One Africa Alumni, Lecturers and Coaching Network

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  • ​Individual coaching

Participants will get an experienced coach to reflect and challenge them on their unique personal and professional development. 


  • Group interventions

We will facilitate and promote learning with and from each other. There is a ton of wisdom in a group of like-minded ambitious young professionals.

  • Specialists

We have a huge network and can connect participants with relevant specialists during their learning and project work. 


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