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Currently, 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25 years and while the continent's natural resources are vital, the creativity and innovation of its youthful population would play a key role in the continent's economic transformation. Africa’s large youth population presents a great opportunity to influence the emergence of a new generation of leaders. But despite the growth in GDP of the last decade, African countries struggle to create jobs and to equip young people with the skills required to service their economies.

of Africa's population
is under the age of 25

There is no doubt that the demand for effective leadership in Africa is high. A shortage of effective leaders has led to the underdevelopment of organizations in many African countries. These organizations are underperforming and could improve their performance by developing their management and leadership skills.


Research has shown that:

  • 77% of organisations report that they are experiencing a leadership gap.

  • 63% of millennial employees say their leadership skills are not being fully developed.

  • 83% of business say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% of all organisations have implemented leadership development programs for all levels.

of millennial employees say their leadership skills are not being fully developed

By 2030 the working age population is set to grow from 370 million to 600 million

By 2030 the working age population across Africa is set to grow from 370 million to over 600 million, expanding the workforce by more than the rest of the world combined over that time period.

For the continent to fully benefit from this incredible potential opportunity, it will require (1) a massive increase in the availability of good jobs, (2) an education and skilling infrastructure primed to prepare individuals for those jobs, and (3) a better way of matching talent and opportunity.

One africa was founded with a common purpose to provide the necessary tools and platform to engage and cultivate the next generation of leaders in Africa, by creating a movement of change makers who are committed to developing their untapped potential and making a significant impact their organization and in Africa. We intend to do this by building a coalition of Africa's top companies to channel their resources into purpose-driven leaderships programs that will help develop the human capacity of Africa's most promising leaders.

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