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We believe in the current generation of young leaders in Africa to build an Africa that is a master of its own fate.


  • Work with Africa's leading organizations and their most promising future leaders

  • Train and develop their leadership capacity in order for them to think independently and act boldly

  • Build a strong and an engaging alumni network


Our Core Beliefs

  • Enjoy the journey
    We do the most amazing job with fun and humor


  • Integrity
    We do what we say we are going to do and manage the hopes and aspirations of the people we work with


  • Excellence
    With a strong sense of optimism, simplicity, humanity and independence we work with our communities to achieve their highest potential. 


Our team

Our team is a mix of professionals from the Netherlands and various parts of Africa with one common factor: we love Africa and its soil, where so many talents vibrate infectious energy. We want to build on that energy and create a movement of change makers in Africa. Develop purpose-driven leadership. Build better leaders. Accelerate potential. Make a significant impact. Together!


The One Africa team consist of our 2 founders, a managing director, an advisory board, top lecturers, coaches, and specialists.


Michel Barth

Michel holds a Bachelor in International Management. He started his career in the banking sector and gained over 15 years of experience in emerging markets as a social entrepreneur.


He has served clients in over 30 countries offering leadership development, personal and team coaching and strategy building including ING, Friesland Campina, Reliance, FMO, Grameen Koota, WWF, to name but few.


He is focussed on supporting leaders and organizations to identify, internalize and activate their purpose. "If you know your why, you can deal with any how and be more successful and impactful."


Michel is also active as an Executive Board Member for ECOM West Africa, responsible for HR, 800 FTE and for the set up of ECOM University.


"My feeling is that there is abundant talent and potential in Africa but not enough offering to support their development to be good leaders. At the same time Africa offers the best entrepreneurship opportunities in the world so let's stop the waste of talent and build a next generation of (business) leaders. My mission and pleasure is to create the fertile ground for this next generation of leaders and support the building of a prosperous, more fair and diverse Africa."

Pearl studied Communications Management at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and prides herself in being a change maker, a creative creator and making an impact in other people’s lives.

She started her career spearheading the Amsterdam South East Youth Project – CheckPoint ZO, focusing on social issues and challenges that the youth was facing in education and career. She was responsible for organizing events, workshops and trainings to help build a bridge between young professionals and industry leaders, specialists and coaches. The goal was to establish a sustainable pipeline of talent to meet future skills needs. Pearl's mission is to do the same for Africa.

"The Africa we want requires vision, collaboration, and great leadership. Let’s join forces and create an Africa that is capable of building its own prosperity and independence. This means self-reliance, dignity and overcoming the challenges we are facing. Let’s build an Africa that is a master of its own fate!"

Pearl buadu

Jan van betten

Jan started his career as a business lawyer at Philips and has over 30 years of experience in leadership roles in various countries. He worked for British American Tobacco as the Managing Director in the Netherlands and for Reed Elsevier as CEO for the German businesses. Ten years ago he started Nudge Academy, an Institute for Future Leadership Development. Working with young talents from all over the world on their leadership for a sustainable future has become his passion and main focus.

Jan is currently active as a non executive board member for several profit- and not-for-profit organizations.

“For more than 20 years I have been an admirer of what I would call ‘the African spirit’: so many young people, willing to grow on a personal level and contribute to their communities. I am also a big believer in the huge potential of the continent with its rich resources and young population. I feel that I have been blessed with my career and my experience in leadership development. Paying it forward to the next generation on the African continent is a great honor.”

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