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Be a Master of your
own fatE

Enroll Your Promising Future Leaders For The One Africa Leadership Development Program!

Select your promising future leaders for this 3-month long leadership development program to help build an Africa that is a master of its own fate.
The program enables you to accelerate the potential of your future leaders:

Leadership skills and Entrepreneurial mindset 

Realize the
change needed for your company
and Africa

Build an

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About the program

  • A unique way to learn, reflect, reprioritize, and focus on self and how to lead people, lead organizations, and lead change in Africa.

  • Hybrid program with a three-day leadership retreat and a three-month virtual leadership development session, starting February 2023.

  • Consists of approximately 12 hours per month of course time.

  • Connects like-minded future leaders across the continent and provides a platform to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

  • Includes live immersive encounters, knowledge sharing, and networking with business leaders, leadership specialists and coaches.

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About us

Our team is a mix of professionals from the Netherlands and different parts of Africa with one common factor: we love Africa and its soil, where so many talents vibrate an infectious energy. Together we are building a movement of change makers, developing purpose-driven leadership, accelerating potential and making a significant impact in Africa. 

Our team

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Our Vision & Mission

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Our Core Values

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Our Team

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