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Be a Master of your
own fatE

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About the program

Select your promising leaders for the One Africa 3-month long leadership development program to help build an Africa that is a master of its own fate.
The program enables you to accelerate the potential of your future leaders:

Leadership skills and Entrepreneurial mindset 

Realize the
change needed for your company
and Africa

Build an

the impact of our program

Results show that we deliver the highest quality.

The programme focuses on four (4) elements:

the Kickoff Retreat ROAD MAP.png

About us

Our team is a mix of professionals from the Netherlands and different parts of Africa with one common factor: we love Africa and its soil, where so many talents vibrate an infectious energy. Together we are building a movement of change makers, developing purpose-driven leadership, accelerating potential and making a significant impact in Africa. 

Our team

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Our Vision & Mission

One-Africa-Day 1 (42)_edited.jpg

Our Core Values

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Our Team


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Shema Esperant, Britam

"The One Africa Program has been a pivotal milestone in my
leadership journey, empowering me to lead with confidence, empathy, and as a commitment to make tangible results."

XSML, Capital

Our colleague Gildas Mouelle has returned full of energy from the kickoff weekend of his leadership program with One Africa in Accra.

Sharing experiences with peers in a small group and exploring personal strengths and opportunities for growth has been a great start to this three-month journey of personal and leadership development

One Africa-Day 2- (64).jpg

Abdoulaye Harouna, International Peace Alert

"I can confidently say it's been a transformative journey.  The One Africa Leadership Development program is not just a program; it's a catalyst for positive change across the continent. Highly recommended for aspiring leaders seeking to make a difference."

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